River Severn Bore

The river Severn has the second (some say third) highest tidal range in the world. The high tide at Sharpness docks can be 9m, and will generally produce a visible bore somewhere along its course. Although the bigger tides around the 10m mark attract more attention, smaller tides with favourable conditions are equally spectacular, and surfable for the brave bore rider.

Canalview B&B is ideally suited for those wanting to visit the monthly high bores, being located roughly half way between the most popular vantage points - the nearest and best being just one-mile away. It's possible to race the bore by car, starting at the Severn Bore Inn, then 22-minutes to get to Stonebench, then 20-minutres to get to Overbridge.

The river Severn at Stonebench

Wating for the bore at Stonebench